Saturday, May 23, 2015

Marvel Future Fight -- review & tips & tricks

Marvel Future Fight
A cool 3D 'on rails' F2P Action RPG featuring a smattering of Marvel Heroes, by Korean game dev NetMarble.

This game is pretty fun.  So many Marvel Superheroes games are out there; how does this one compare? Pretty well!

Successes - great 3d art & music, 3x3 battles, a good number of heroes, simple gameplay that is fun, social element, autopilot is a smart innovation, arena = PVP, and a lot of events.

Failings - Still an F2P game with many encouragements to purchase virtual items/heroes, ranges between somewhat repetitive to very grindy, multiple currencies (money, diamonds, many building materials (3 each per 4 hero types)), and a lot of notifications.

This entry came from reading an article claiming to be a list of 'Tips, Tricks & Strategy', but there was not a single tip!!  So I added my own (& am reposting here):

Here's a tip -- once you pass a level, you can auto-pilot thru it.  Deactivate the autopilot at the boss encounter if you are concerned you won't pass.  Your touch is better than AI.  Autopilot is a nice way to grind levels.

Another tip -- First make 1 hero awesome, & they can carry others along for levels.  (I've been reading on reddit /r/futurefight that people think Captain America is fairly weak & Black Widow is the strongest of the starter heroes.)  Over time, you start gathering a bunch of heroes, but you probably can't focus on all of them, so you start building a team (3 heroes).

As for which initial heroes to make awesome, apparently some really are weaker than others, but my view is take a hero that you want to watch a lot.  I like Blade and Hulkbuster Iron Man, but they are not the best heroes in the game.  So what?!
My team 1 (strongest) right now is Blade 25, Capt Amer 30, and Black Widow 25.  My team 2 is Elektra, Iron Man, and War Machine, and my team 3 is Ultron, Vision, and Hulkbuster Iron Man.

Another tip -- heroes level up, get improved gear, level up skills, can 'slot in' ISO, mastering a level (gives the center position hero a bonus) and finally level up stars.  That's a lot of leveling!  Levelling up stars unlocks new Skill slots for heroes.  On top of that, ISO's have various combinations which unlock bonuses, and you can put teams together that also give bonuses.  When you get an official team together, they get a big bonus AND a power that works ~ 1x every 120 secs (approx 1x per mission).

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Apps Wrap -- founding statement

We, the contributors to AppsWrap, are a group of Android App fans who wish to improve the reviews of Apps.  We looked at the Play Store, we tried Apps, depended upon users' reviews there... and (generally) we suffered, sometimes were gratefully gratified, and occasionally we were elated.

Our goal is to share with you the incredible joy of great Apps.  We want to find ALL THE GOODIES and share them with YOU, our readers.

We may occasionally talk badly about sucky Apps.  We may pop the hype bubble of Apps.  We may make App developers cry.  (SORRY DEVS!  We know it's always hard putting your soul's hard work nakedly in front of others for critique.)

We will often hopefully assist and streamline your connection with good, fun,  effective Apps which prove capable of lightening your load, fulfilling your hopes or even changing your life (like they did ours).

BUT we are doing all of this for YOU, our readers and our friends, spurred by our own annoyance at seldom finding adequately informative reviews, or installing Apps and being so excited -- and then having our hopes, dreams, and aspirations CRUSHED by (Cr)Apps.

So we vow to you -- *NO CrAPPS*.  If we say it's good, it IS good.  If we say it sucked, it *SUCKED*.  (However, we reserve full right to change or update reviews if Apps are fixed or ruined.)

Now that we've got that stuff out of the way, here's the nitty gritty:
a) we will review Apps,
b) we will accept your free App for review upon request, but we can't guarantee to review it OR to give you the review that you want,
c) we want to get paid reviewing Apps, so help us figure out how to do that -- but if we can't, we'll probably keep reviewing Apps,
d) any proceeds will be split between the AppsWrap contributors in a fair and equitable fashion -- which we may not know what that looks like exactly, but we'll base it on the incontrovertible criteria that everyone leaves feeling happy about it.

Last point -- we will be somewhat diplomatic, but we will not lie to you.  Nor will we write fluff just to show off when we don't really have anything to say.  The quality, authenticity and sheer honesty of our reviews is essential.

We wish there was a similar provision in the AppStore that serious reviews of quality and substance are guaranteed, trustworthy and always available alongside the open democratic user reviews. But since there isn't, it's up to us!

So check out our reviews and tell us what you think.