Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes - Electronic Arts' F2P P2W collectible combat game -- and it sucks

I really want to love this game: I love Star Wars, Jedi Knights, the Force, Lightsabers, Yoda, etc.  But this Star Wars game is disappointing -- just like all the other mobile Star Wars games (KOTOR the exception).

Gameplay is too simplistic: make your 5x light side and 5x dark side team, move them through pre-set levels for loot -- upgrade components, training bots, shards of other characters, either of 2 currencies, experience points (for the player level), and watch dull repetitive animations endlessly repeat in actionless (ie dull) combats.  There's also a PVP option which is automated, not interactive.

And thats the "game".

There's also a Store where people will spend real money on premium currency, or premium currency on "card draws".

And then upgrading -- you can upgrade to your heart's content!!  Add meaningless gear to heroes to upgrade stats (which you cant see) and enable abilities which are level based.  And later (at level 28?) you can enhance abilities with more loot items.

But you don't really guide/change the characters development, what you do is choose which characters to group and which to advance.

Can you tell how disappointed I am in this game?  Yep.  5 star potential, but 2 star implementation.  So sad.

Does ANY of this material actually connect with Star Wars?  The characters & combat backdrops are Star Wars -- and thats it.

All the rest of this is simply a rehash of the uninteresting unadventurous free-to-play formula: a store front surrounded by upgradeable virtual junk with multiple currencies in effect.

Now that I've ripped the game a new one, I can say that the game is attractive, not too slow loading, and unnecessarily 3D (ie the 3d has no relevance to the game).  After hours of playing, I would suspect some finer strategic aspects become more relevant.