Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Mabinogi Duel: G2 Era of Dragons -- an excellent F2P mobile CCG

Wow.  This is some mobile CCG!  Great art, unique cards, deck designer is good, plays well, good strategy.

screenshot 1

And bouncing boobs, can't forget those.
Only a few downsides on this awesome game: f2p constant reminder, premium currency, some confusing UI & events, etc.

I wonder if Korea uses lots of coupons, as they are abundant in this game?

I'm still a newb, but I've observed a few things of note.
- Try to do the Advanced Challenge daily for both Daily Mission and Draft.  That gets you 5 crystals and "a" card -- however, if you win you get 5 cards to pick from and can spend 6 gems for another pick, so you could wind up with 5 new cards for 30 gems, which is a deal!  Normally boosters cost 30 gems for 5 random cards, or 999 gold for a single.  Of you gather cards this way, you can decide if you want to spend on the cards or pass.  *This is my main way get 3-5* cards.*
- Deal with the Cat Merchant, but don't take his first offer unless you like it.  You can tweak the deal a lot.  Occasionally its a good deal, but often he wants to take a very good card in exchange for junk, so be careful.

I haven't read the boards or gotten too deep in the 'meta gaming' yet, so that's about it.  My current 2 strongest Decks feature a red dragon & a barbarian, but the White deck with a hero that stops people from attacking is my strongest.

I wonder how long I will play Mobinagi?  Join me!  Find REkzkaRZ & we can swap cards!