Sunday, July 5, 2015

Heroes & Castles 2 - a 5 star game for Android & iPhone - trick / tip

This is a great game for Android & iPhone.  It's a 3rd person Tower Defense that plays more like a 3D 'Battle Chess' with all kinds of creatures.

This game is a very high quality & could be a console game.

**Highly recommended**

My trick for items: (Reposted from H&C2 Wikia)
Trick for items -- with 9-10 crystals minimum, save your game to cloud.

Go to Blacksmith & buy 1-2 items.

If you got a rare (or better) that you want, save game to cloud again (locking in item to your save).

If you didn't get anything exciting, blow the rest of the crystals on items just to see what you get (only for curiosity), then reload your game from cloud.

Suddenly you have all your crystals back, no purchased items, and can do go shopping again.

While this is a classic savegame cheat, after doing it ~20-30x, I got a few Epic items.

Wish I'd thought of this trick sooner!
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